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Just say, “no thanks”

I was recently approached by a colleague about a VERY large potential opportunity. The potential deal could become transformational for my business and my life. I said, “no thanks.” I usually do with these kinds of things.

I believe in business and in life, we have to say “no thanks” to a lot of things. There are endless opportunities to make a dent on the world. However, you won’t ever even make a scratch if you say “yes please” to even more than a couple great opportunities.

Making a dent in the world means being exceptional at what you do. It means being different and better. You have to constantly be building your “Awesome” and reducing your “Suck”. It is a constant battle to stay above mediocrity. You can’t win that battle on many fronts at the same time.

I compliment this belief with the belief that we should always be keeping our door open to exploring opportunities. I’ve had a ton of brainstorming sessions and discussions with people about big ideas or big opportunities. Lots of opportunities makes it easier to say “no thanks”.

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  • If I had to suggest one of the best lessons I have learned over the years, it is saying no thanks. Sometimes it comes down to fitting well together, a difference in how things are suggested to be done, a lack of time to be able to deliver something great or just a downright gut feeling that says “you should say no to this”.

    Well said Dave.

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